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 MonsterTamer plugin!!

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PostSubject: MonsterTamer plugin!!   Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:56 am

Hello guys!! there is nice plugin i was discover in other servers!!

MonsterTamer allows you to live the dream of becoming a monster owner. Using an item, try to catch the monster of your dreams, and release it as you see fit. Scare your friends with a creeper, attack your enemies with a flood of spiders, and keep a ready stock of pigs to populate your farm. Monster Tamer puts the control of monsters in your hands.

To use MonsterTamer is simple. First, download the rar and unrar it to your plugins folder. Open the file and configure which items you want to use for catching and which monsters can be caught (instructions in the file). Next, start up your server. In order to use the plugin, swing your arm while holding one of the defined items at any monster. This will attempt to catch the monster - you will be told when this happens. To release the monster, simply throw (using q) an item of the defined type at the ground - the monster will appear, and the item consumed. Happy catching!

Catching, storing and releasing of all types of monsters.
Friendly monsters won't attack you, command monsters to attack players.
Monsters can follow you.
Permissions and commands.
Caught monsters are stored in the MonsterTamer.users file.
Stopping of monster despawning (maybe)

Catching and Releasing a Mob:
Three type of catching item:
Snowball - Low chance.
Egg - Medium chance.
Slimeball - High chance.
Right click with the chosen item.
Health Dependent - A mob of lower health is easier to catch.
Drop the item "Q Key" to summon your mob. (You lose your item)

How to use the wand:
Simply right click one of your friendly monsters while holding a feather to select it (it will begin following you).
Right click it again to deselect. Multiple monsters can be selected at the same time as well.
Right clicking on a block will command all selected monsters to go to that block.
Right clicking entities will command all selected monsters to attack that entity.

monstertamer.player.catch lets players catch monsters.
monstertamer.player.check lets players use the /monsters command.
monstertamer.player.befriend makes monsters friendly to you when released. allows use of the /target command.
monstertamer.player.release allows use of the /release command.
monstertamer.player.whistle allows use of the /whistle command.
monstertamer.player.follow allows use of the /follow command.
monstertamer.player.wait allows use of the /wait command. allows use of /select, /deselect commands

/monsters/ms displays a list of your current monsters.
/monsters/ms help displays a list of commands.
/target [playername/mobtype] [mobname]/all makes all friendly monsters in a 10 block radius around you attack the specified player.
/target cancel [mobname]/all cancels the targets of all friendly monsters in a 10 block radius.
/release [slot ID/monster type] release the monster in the specified slot or of the specified type.
/whistle commands all of your monsters to come to you.
/follow commands all selected monsters to follow you.
/follow [mobtype]/all commands all friendly monsters of the specified type to follow you.
/follow cancel [mobtype]/all stops all friendly monsters of the specified type from following you.
/wait [mobtype/all] commands friendly monsters to wait at their current location.
/wait cancel stops mobtypes from waiting.
/select [mobtype/all] selects all monsters of that type (saves having to use the wand)
/deselect [mobtype/all] deselects all monsters of that type (see above)

Can add in the server? or try at least
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PostSubject: Re: MonsterTamer plugin!!   Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:38 pm

I think this is a great idea, but it would be even better if we also had a mod where you could make custom monsters.
The custom monster maker gives you acsess to spawn rate, limit, friendly, time to spawn, where to spawn, how to spawn and so on
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PostSubject: Re: MonsterTamer plugin!!   Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:16 pm

rygar were have you been? i have missed you
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PostSubject: Re: MonsterTamer plugin!!   

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MonsterTamer plugin!!
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